SWAY (Sales in Agile) CANVAS SESSION is the new anti-crisis product that you will sell to your clients for $1,000 and more per session!
Start Making an Extra $3000+ Monthly Freelancing
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Become a SWAY Canvas Session Specialist After One Workshop
this workshop is for you:
  • You will become an in-demand, highly-paid expert because your Canvas Sessions will increase sales!

  • You will be able to sell many sessions to a single company because Canvas Sessions can be widely used by many departments within a company;

  • You will become a sought-after specialist who improves inter and intra-department communication and gets long-term corporate engagements.

  • You will be an effective coach by keeping the companies in touch with their customers;

  • You will help companies move faster and make quicker decisions in the VUCA world by implementing canvas sessions.
You Want to Start Making an Extra $3000+ Monthly
You are Tired of Your Current Job and are Looking for Effective Sales Tools
You Want to Increase Profits for Your Business
This workshop will teach you – step-by step –, a new anti-crisis service you can sell your clients which will bring you from $1000+ per SWAY CANVAS SESSIONS!

All participants will receive our certificate
workshop program
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  • Format: online, recorded lessons

  • Access: 6 months

  • Number of lessons: 5 lessons (more than 3 hours)
15 000
9 900
author of the new Agile sales system, international business expert, Agile coach, practitioner
Workshop AUTHOR
In the last seven years, I have coached more than 200 top executives and trained over 300 Agile coaches in business around the world. They all had common problems and were seeking solutions!

1. Businesses need your help because the 5-year plan is dead. They need effective new tools to plan for success and survival in this uncertain world.

2. Hierarchal structures and slow decision-making cripple companies. They need experts who know how to destroy silos and increase communication.

3. Companies around the world are struggling to make sales now. They need innovative thinking and continuous dynamic strategizing to maximize profit.

4. Because the world is changing so quickly, SWAY Canvas sessions should be conducted every two months. It means you will always have clients and your income potential will soar.
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